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ICHSM 2019 | May 17-19, Xiamen, China


Opening Ceremony

Keynote Speakers


Best Papers

One Day Tour


Best Presentations

PhD Competition Session
Best paper–X1011 Iuliia Muzychenko
The Psychophysiological Effects of Cross-Cultural Transaction in Foreign Students in Russia: a Pilot Study
Iuliia Muzychenko, Irina Apollonova, David Evans, Li Zhang
Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Undergraduate Competition Session
Best paper–X0029 Yi-Ting Hsieh, Hou-Cheng Lee
Plantar Fasciitis Detection Based on Deep Learning Architecture
Ting-Ying Chien, Yi-Ting Hsieh, Hou-Cheng Lee, Yun-Jui Hsieh
Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

Master Competition Session
Best paper–X0028 Zhizhen Yao
Mining User-Generated Content to Identify Social Support in Chinese Online Smoking Cessation Community
Yuxing Qian, Bingjia Li, Zhizhen Yao, Huakui Lv, Mengnan Che, Zhuo Cheng
Wuhan University, China

Best paper–X1010 Peng Nan
Evaluation of Upper Limb Joint’s Range of Motion Data by Kinect Sensor for Rehabilitation Exercise Game
Peng Nan, Amnad Tongtib, Theeraphong Wongratanaphisan
Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Special Session Best

Special Session 1
Best paper–SS01-06 Ciou Chan Wu
Developing Data Science Tools for Acquiring Comprehensive Information about Protein Structure by Web-Based and Visualization Technologies
Ciou Chan Wu, Lien-Fu Lai, Chao-Chin Wu, Liang-Tsung Huang, Kai Shien Tan, Yi Ting Kang and QIanZhong Pan
Tzu Chi University, Taiwan

Special Session 2
Best paper–SS02-03 Xiucai Ye
Ensemble Feature Learning to Identify Risk Factors for Predicting Secondary Cancer
Xiucai Ye, Hongmin Li, Tetsuya Sakurai, Pei-Wei Shueng
University of Tsukuba, Japan

Special Session 3
Best paper–SS03-09 Wei-Jen Chen
The relationship between dynamic physical fitness and obesity
Wei-Jen Chen, Michael T. S. Lee, Chien-Chang Ho
Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

Special Session 4
Best paper–SS04-01 Hsin-Jung Yang
Medication Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of the middle-aged and elderly people in central Taiwan
Hsin-Jung Yang, Liang Ju Chen
HUNGKUANG University, Taiwan

Session 1
Best paper–X0026 Liu Rui
Meta-analysis of Yam’s Effects on Liver Injury Protection and Blood Lipid-lowering
Liu Rui, Chen Ziwen,Liu Chang
Central China Normal University, China

Session 2
Best paper–X0021 Chia-Chi Teng
Mixed Reality Patients Monitoring Application for Critical Care Nurses
Chia-Chi Teng, Brady Redfearn, Craig Nuttall, Sabrina Jarvis, James Carr, Jarin Jensen, Sandy Kanuch, Jordon Peterson, David Taylor
Brigham Young University, USA

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